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We offer technological and efficient tools to improve the language training skills of your employees.
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Lingotics eCorporate CardWhile the company employees have the freedom to work with the language trainer they want in line with their own needs and goals, at the hours they want, thanks to the Lingotics eCorporate Card, companies; they can closely monitor language training expenses, and pay only the fees of the courses that the employees attend.
In addition to providing services in marketing, sales, finance, tourism, law, crisis management, agreements and more than thirty categories added to this, we control the effectiveness of the education quality standards that your employees will receive by choosing the teachers that fit your needs.Dr. Gaele Macfarlane, Lingotics Head Teacher PhD in Education, focusing on “ The Professional Development of English Language Teachers”.
Frequently Asked Questions
How to open a Lingotics corporate account?
To open a corporate account; Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and send us your information. Our customer representatives will contact you as soon as possible.
How to use a Lingotics corporate account?
After the business account is opened, our customer representatives and corporate members are trained on the screens they will use, and the manager to be appointed by the company; have the opportunity to closely follow the training expenditures of the employees and the development of the language skills of the students.

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